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Solo to the Scillies by Ken Marsden

Solo to the Scillies Part 2 by Ken Marsden

The Barrow Navigation by Ken Bowman

Shannon and South West Ireland by Ken Bowman

Around Scotland by Ken Bowman

Vancouver to the Vendee by Ken Marsden

Vancouver to the Vendee part II by Ken Marsden

2019 Cruising Programme

The Cruising programme for 2019 includes:
• the standard Club weekend cruises,
• two extended cruises (France and Holland)
• dates suitable for day cruises (weekdays)
• dates suitable for day cruises (weekend)
• an end of season cruise to London

The dates for the programme are:-

Local Day Sail - Early Bird Launchers Sunday, 12 May 2019
Holland Cruise Start /MCC Spring Cruise Start Tuesday, 28 May 2019
Holland Cruise Continues /MCC  Spring Cruise End Friday, 31 May 2019
Holland Cruise End Latest Thursday, 20 Jun 2019
Local Day Sail Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019
Spring Cruise (Alternative) Start Friday, 28 Jun 2019
Spring Cruise (Alternative) End Sunday, 30 Jun 2019
Weekend Local Day Sail Sunday, 07 Jul 2019
Local Day Sail Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019
French Cruise Earliest Start Thursday, 11 Jul 2019
French Cruise End Latest Friday, 09 Aug 2019
Sail to Queenborough in Prep for Summer Cruise (Option) Friday, 23 Aug 2019
MCC Summer Cruise Start or Day Sail Saturday, 24 Aug 2019
MCC Summer Cruise End BH Monday, 26 Aug 2019
Day Sail Thursday, 05 Sep 2019
Greece Flotilla Start Friday, 06 Sep 2019
Greece Flotilla End MCC Gala Start Friday, 13 Sep 2019
MCC Gala Saturday, 14 Sep 2019
MCC Gala Sunday, 15 Sep 2019
London Cruise (Option) Earliest Start Friday, 20 Sep 2019
London Cruise Continues (Option) or Day Sail Sunday, 22 Sep 2019
London Cruise Continues (Option) or Day Sail Monday, 23 Sep 2019
London Cruise (Option) End Tuesday, 24 Sep 2019
End of Season London Cruise Start Thursday, 03 Oct 2019
End of Season London Cruise End Latest Tuesday, 08 Oct 2019

1. The weather often impacts on cruises, therefore a reserve date for the spring cruise has been included should the weather not allow the first date to be used. The first date for the spring cruise is combined with the start of the Holland cruise.

2. The dates for the day cruises have been selected to allow sufficient water for people to get out to their mooring, take the last of the falling tide down river, be able to stop somewhere for lunch and then return on the rising tide. Destinations will depend on the group and be selected later, likely destinations include Stangate, Queenborough and a longer day out to the Red Sands Forts.

3. Space permitting non-members may be able to join the Club cruises, contact cruiser Class Captain for more information.

4. More detailed planning meetings are to be held for the Holland and France Cruises.
The meetings will look at possible locations to be visited on the cruises, all are welcome to attend, those thinking of participating in the cruises (Skippering or Crewing) and particularly anyone who is willing to share experience of locations that may be of interest to the group.

If you require further information on any planned event or have any suggestions for events please contact me by email info@medwaycruisingclub.org.uk
Steve Smith—Cruiser Class Captain